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Starting from this Saturday

Starting from this Saturday,
Let's take off our uniforms and shake off the dust
Triumph like a warrior,
Walking towards the kindness of the parents,
the smile of the spouse's love,
the noise of the kids,
Going back to hometown, for family reunion
Our generation's perseverance.

Full bars, all blessings,
As long as you are happy,
tea, drinks, and even plain water, like wine
Telling to your beloved ones
the story of your progress,
your growing income,
and even the smoke and rain in Lushan,
It turns out, your soft and affectionate heart

The footsteps of spring approaching,
the cloth birds start singing.
In the upcoming new year, the dreams are waiting for Zzsino to realize.
On the eighth day of the lunar new year,
In the spring breeze,
At the old place,
Waiting for you with a shinning smile!

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