Carbide Disc for PCBN&PCD Substrate

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Carbide Disc for PCBN&PCD Substrate

A PCBN&PCD composite is bonded with and sintered on a tungsten carbide substrate. As such, tungsten carbide renders the composite electrically conductive and brazeable, thus PCBN&PCD can be electric-discharge machined, cut into small pieces and then brazed on an uncoated tungsten carbide insert, button or rod etc.

Due to the strong ability of finish machining, ZZSINO is one of the first suppliers of carbide substrate for PCBN in China, delivering large volume of finely finished carbide discs to world-famous PCBN&PCD manufacturers.


Grade Binder(%) Grain Size Density ( g/cm³) Hardness (HRA) T.R.S (N/mm²) ISO Code
SK30L 10 Fine 14.5 91 3000 K30
SK30M 10 Medium 14.5 90.4 3200 K30


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