Carbide Rod

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Carbide Rod

Tungsten carbide rod is the blank of solid carbide rotary tools as solid end mills, drills, taps, reamers and also serves as the substrate of PCD tipped rotary tools.

ZZSINO is supplying all sizes of carbide rods, unground and ground, long rods and fixed length rods, with and without coolant holes, from 1mm to 45mm in diameter. Most of the popular sizes are in stock for prompt delivery. Rod catalogue is at your request if needed.


Grade Binder(%) Grain Size Density g/cm³ Hardness HRA T.R.S N/mm² ISO Code
SK20F 8 Fine 14.65 92.8 3800 K20
SK30L 10 Fine 14.45 91.5 4000 K30
SK30F 12 Ultra-fine 14.1 92 4000 K30


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