Solid Carbide Slitting Saw

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Solid Carbide Slitting Saw

ZZSINO uses high-precision grinders to finely grind the saw edges, which guarantees high precision, high finish to mirror and high sharpness of the cutting edge, thus edge chipping can be avoided, smoothness of the cutting section can be improved. The lifetime of solid carbide saw is ten times longer than that of HSS. When coated, the lifetime is even dozens or even 100times longer. As carbide is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, solid carbide saws can be used under hard cutting conditions and in wide applications such as PCB slitting, paper product slitting, adhesive tape slitting, film plastic slitting, wire and cable slitting, rubber slitting, chemical fiber slitting, aluminum foil slitting, composite packaging material slitting, leather cloth slitting, printed cigarette slitting, food and clothing slitting and other slitting operations. ZZSINO’s strong ability of fine grinding enables it to mass produce quality solid carbide saws, ranking it among the best solid carbide saw suppliers in China.


Grade Binder(%) Grain Size μm Density ( g/cm³) Hardness (HRA) T.R.S (N/mm²) ISO Code
SM20T 8 Fine 14.3 92.5 2300 M10
SM25T 9 Medium 13.0 91 2500 M20
SM40T 11 Medium 13.1 90 3000 M40
SK30U 10 Micro 14.5 91.5 3000 M30


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