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Woodworking Insert

Disposable wood-working inserts and blades are usually used on woodworking double-sided planer, four-sided planer, vertical shaft machine and copying machine to cut solid wood, plywood, dense board and acrylic. Compared with ordinary blades, their advantages are obvious as follows,

(1) Better designed: Disposable blades are designed with precision and arranged around the blade body evenly, forming a smaller cutting surface per unit time and can improve the burn marks.

(2) Better heat dissipation: 7xxx aerospace aluminum is adopted for the cutter body, which not only improves the heat dissipation, but also improves the stability of the cutter and the strength of the cutter body, thereby increasing the service life of the cutter body.

(3) Disposability: Without high temperature welding for ordinary blades, the original hardness of the disposable blades is maintained and the service life is improved. Replacing of blades becomes easy and time-saving when they are worn out.

(4) Longer service life: the service life of aluminum cutter body is 1-2 times longer than that of ordinary flat-blades, and 3-4 times longer in double-sided planer and four-sided planer.

(5) Finer sawdust: when cutting in a spiral way, the sawdust is finer, and it is easier to remove the sawdust from the surface of the wood in the Sino-British dust collection system.

(6) Lower noise: The noise generated by disposable blades is reduced by 30 to 50dB compared to ordinary blades.


Grade Binder(%) Grain Size Density ( g/cm³) Hardness (HRA) T.R.S (N/mm²) ISO Code
SK01 2.8 Ultra fine 15.2 94.5 2400 K01
SK05 6.0 Submicro 14.9 93.3 3000 K05
SK10 6.0 Submicro 14.8 92 3000 K10
SK30 8.0 Medium fine 14.8 90 2400 K30
SK30L 10.0 Medium fine 14.5 91.5 3000 K20
SK40 11.0 Medium fine 14.5 88 2500 K40


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