Micro Carbides for Electronics

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Micro Carbides for Electronics

Probably the biggest micro-hole tungsten carbide producer in China, ZZSINO produces a wide range of micro-hole carbide products with inner hole diameter up to 0.05mm used in the electronics and tire-wire industry.

Solder ball jet nozzle is one of ZZSINO’s featured products. Required to be high-temperature and corrosion resistant, it is used to jet tin spheres of 40μm-900μm, with popular sizes of 200μm,250μm,300μm,350μm,400μm, 450μm,500μm,550μm,600μm and 750μm. Precision nozzle is required to be highly finished and polished in order to avoid tin-sticking and blocking at the hole opening, with hole diameter tolerances up to 0.002mm.

Adhesive dispensing nozzle is used to jet adhesive in piezo valve and pneumatic valve. More than 10 years accumulated experience enables ZZSINO to produce monthly up to 3000pcs of adhesive dispensing nozzles with hole diameter up to 0.05mm.

Other carbides for electronics industry are firing pin for adhesive dispenser and wire bonding needle for semiconductor.



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