Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheel

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Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheel

Equipped with self-designed automatic grinding facilities, ZZSINO is annually producing 20million pieces of carbide wheels for glass, tile and fiber optics, with sizes ranging from 3-25mm in diameter and materials in high to medium classes.

ZZSINO’s cutting wheels are available in a variety of different sizes, cutting angles and surface conditions. All wheels are made of micro-grain tungsten carbide, accurately ground with high precision machinery which deliver excellent cutting condition and durable service life.


Grade ISO Grade Binder Density Hardness HV10 Hardness HRA TRS Application
SK01F K01 3 15.00 2000 94.2 2550 For glass cutter
SK05F K01 3 15.10 1950 93.8 2800 For glass and tile
SK10F K05 6 14.95 1650 91.5 3000 For tile and optical fabrics


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