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Wear Protection Parts

Due to its excellent hardness, impact strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance, tungsten carbide is widely used as wear protection parts in ground-engaging, power generation, mining, oil&gas, road maintenance, drilling, cement, mineral processing, food processing, paper processing, construction etc. The life of tungsten carbide can increase several even ten times compared with steel, ceramics and chromium carbide, which can significantly reduce downtime and maintenance, thus productivity and performance can be improved.

ZZSINO is producing wide range of wear protection parts in tungsten carbide, like studs, plates, inserts, tips, buttons, strips etc. Special parts based on your blue-print are our strength. Tailor-made grades for specific applications are also available. However, the most ordered grades are as follows,


Grade Density g/cm3 Hardness HRA TRS Mpa
SK35 14.30 87.5 2500
SK40 14.25 86.5 2600
SK30C 14.39 88.5 2000
SK60C 14.5 85.8 2000


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