Tungsten Carbide Based Hardfacing Materials

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Tungsten Carbide Based Hardfacing Materials

Tungsten carbide based hardfacing materials include a wide range of wear reinforcing materials like cast tungsten carbide, spherical cast tungsten carbide, thermal spray material, surfacing material, tubular wear-resistant electrode, infiltration material, flexible welding rope, cemented carbide pellets and metal alloy powder, etc.

By surfacing welding (PTA surfacing, laser cladding, oxyacetylene surfacing, etc.), spray welding, infiltration and thermal spraying and other hard surface processes, the surface of the workpiece is strengthened and repaired, which significantly enhances the wear resistance of the workpiece surface , corrosion resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, etc., and can prepare special functional coatings such as sealing, insulation, heat insulation, etc., which not only significantly improves the service life of the workpiece, but also reduces the manufacturing cost of the workpiece.


The main applications of hardfacing materials are,

1.Protection and repair of rolls and wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and corrosion-resistant spare parts in metallurgical equipment;

2.Protection and repair of crushing machinery in mining equipment;

3.Thermal spraying and surfacing welding of HPGR, glass conveyor rollers, etc.

4.Protection and repair of machine grinding rollers, fan blades and turbine blades in thermal power generation equipment;

5.Thermal spraying of various tube walls of high-pressure boilers;

6.Overlay welding and repair of various forging dies;

7.Surfacing welding of raw material extrusion rolls, hammers, and feed processing equipment in agriculture, food, grain and oil etc.

8.Protection of shaft valves, seals and engineering machinery in the petrochemical industry;

9.Base materials and surface surfacing materials for oil drilling and exploration tools, such as rock drilling tools for oil drilling and mining, drilling and cutting tools for concrete and asphalt roads, surface surfacing welding of steel tooth drills, etc.;

10.Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant protection and repair of certain components in the aerospace industry.

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